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Pandora internet radio adds lyrics... for some songs

Pandora Lyrics
Internet radio stations Pandora and have been in the news a lot over the last year for removing features - like the ability for users in most of the world to listen to free music streams. So it's nice to see Pandora launch a raft of new features, even if they're only available to users in the US.

At the top of the list of new features is support for lyrics. Pandora has partnered with Gracenote to provide lyrics for some songs. To see if lyrics are available, click the "About This Music" tab and then select lyrics. You'll see the first few lines and a link to click for the full set of lyrics, which will open in another browser window.

Honestly, I tried listening to about a dozen songs this morning and Pandora only managed to find lyrics for two. So this feature is clearly still a work in progress. But it definitely shows promise.

Pandora has also added a new "gift" option that lets you create a custom station by selecting up to 5 artists and songs and sending it to a friend with a message. It's sort of like a somewhat randomized mix-tape.

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