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Bypass download delays with Skipscreen for Firefox

You've got to love SkipScreen's motto: "iskp that isht." That's exactly what the handy Firefox plugin is designed to do. Once installed, Skipscreen will bypass those annoying intermediate pages you encounter when trying to download files from a site like Mediafire, RapidShare, zShare, or Megaupload. Other sites currently supported include DespoitFiles, Divshare, and LinkBucks, and more are on the way.

As stated on the SkipScreen site, the plugin has "extra dreamy" features for Mediafire (and three others). Click a link to a file hosted on one of those sites, and SkipScreen will take care of things on its own - all you have to click on is the save file dialog box once it appears.

[via gHacks]

As noted by Fred in the comments, you may want to have a look at the privacy policy before installing this:
The current version of SkipScreen does not collect user information. Future versions may include a post-download page that shows advertising or search results related to the filename, description or originating blog; that information may be available to the advertising site, and subject to their privacy policy. The providers of search results and advertisements will be clearly visible to the user, and/or noted in this privacy policy

Whether or not you're willing to trade some future adverts for the convenience of skipping some intermediate screens is your call. Curiously, the developers also push AdBlock on their site.

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