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Zoho Chat 2.0 takes aim at Meebo, falls a bit short

Zoho Chat 2.0
Zoho is adding to its line of web-based productivity apps with the launch of Zoho Chat 2.0. The service is a web-based instant messenger that lets you connect to multiple IM networks to chat simultaneously with your AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Gogole, and other contacts. In other words, Zoho Chat is a lot like Meebo.

But Meebo has some features that are still missing from Zoho Chat, including the ability to create aliases for contacts and recognize contact groups that you've already set up. Meebo also lets you send files to users no matter which IM network they're using, while Zoho Chat users can only share files with other Zoho users.

That doesn't mean Zoho Chat is useless. The service does show promise. And more importantly it ties into Zoho's impressive suite of online office apps. You can launch Zoho Chat from within other Zoho applications including Zoho Writer or Zoho Sheet. And you can click a "Share your desktop" button from any chat window to launch the Zoho Meeting web conferencing application.

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