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ThinkFree UNI-Paper lets you embed office docs online

ThinkFree UNI-paper
ThinkFree Office is a web-based office suite similar to Google Docs and Zoho Office. But the ThinkFree folks set themselves apart from the crowd last year when they released a desktop client that lets you edit documents on your computer and synchronize them with a web server.

Now ThinkFree is back with a Flash-based document viewer that you can embed on any web page. Just upload your Word, Excel, PDF, or PowerPoint file and ThinkFree will spit out some code you can use to share the document. Honestly, the new ThinkFree UNI-Paper service looks pretty much the same as the embedded document viewers from Issuu, docstoc, and Scribd. But the difference is that UNI-Paper is linked to a powerful web-based office suite, so you can edit your documents and then grab the embed code all from one place.

[via CNet]

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