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Gmail themes finally come to Google Apps

When Google introduced themes for Gmail, users who run Google Apps on their own domains figured it would just be a matter of time before they got themes too. After a few months of anticipation -- and frequent postings on message boards, Google Groups, and even Yahoo! Answers -- their wish is finally granted. Themes for Google Apps have now started rolling out.

Not all users have themes yet -- my own domain included -- but here's where to look to enable them. In Gmail for Google Apps, open settings and look for the themes tab on the far right. If you have themes, it should be there. If you don't yet, be patient. After all, we've waited quite a while, and a few more days aren't going to matter that much. Taking a tip from Lifehacker, here's a direct link to the themes page, to make it easier for you to check: Just replace "" with your actual domain name.

Thanks to all the readers who tipped us off about this.

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