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Two continents down, 5 to go: Firefox 3 top browser in Europe

Watch out, Microsoft, Firefox is continuing its quest to dominate all seven continents. While the news last month of Firefox achieving 100% share in Antarctica was more more than a little tongue-in-cheek, the announcement today from StatCounter is more on the serious side.

For the first time ever, Firefox 3 has surpassed Internet Explorer 7's European browser market share. Firefox pulled ahead by just over half a point, registering 35.05% to IE7's 34.54%.

The news is tempered by the Internet Explorer 8 RTM, though it's still a significant milestone for Mozilla. With its recent increase in popularity, Firefox is now just ten percentage points behind all Explorer versions in Europe.

Ten measly points and you're top dog on two continents, Mozilla.

[via Reuters]

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