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Meebo launches desktop notifier for web-based IM

Meebo NotifierMeebo is a web-based instant messaging app. Users can sign into AOL, Windows Live, Google, Yahoo! and other instant messaging services from any web browser without downloading and installing any software. But today Meebo launched something new: A desktop notifier.

Notice I didn't say desktop client. The new tool doesn't let you run Meebo outside of a web browser. What it does is sign you into your IM services and send you notifications when your contacts log on or off, or send you a message. It does this whether you have Meebo open in a browser window or not. You can also use the notifier to quickly load the web site so you can reply to messages, check your buddy list, or perform other actions.

A Mac version is in the works, but right now the Meebo notifier is only available for Windows.

[via Profy]

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