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Windows Mobile App Store will be pricey - for developers

Windows Mobile MarketplaceA few weeks ago Microsoft unveiled the pricing details for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, also known as Microsoft's answer to the iPhone App Store. Developers will have to pay $99 per item listed in the store, and Microsoft will take a 30% cut of any sales revenue.

That all sounds reasonable enough, but blogger Long Zheng has discovered two interesting facts:
  1. Developers who submit applications that are available for free download are not exempt from the $99 fee.
  2. Application updates are counted as new submissions.
In other words, every time you submit an update to your application, you have to pay an extra $99. Even if it's a minor tweak or bug or security fix. Microsoft does offer developers a chance to upload up to 5 free submissions per year. So if you only have one app that you don't plan to update very often you might be OK. But if you've got a whole suite of applications that you're constantly updating, you'll have to pay up.

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