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Tiny, Super-fast Linux distro Moblin V2 alpha 2 released

Late in January of this year I installed Moblin on my MSI Wind U100 netbook. At the time, it wasn't officially supported by the distro and my wireless wouldn't connect, so I ended up removing it. In a little under two months, the team has released alpha 2 which - among other things - includes full-on support for the Wind.

The update also includes the 2.26.29-rc7 kernel, XFCE version 4.6, the Gnome 2.26 release candidate, and drivers for additional wireless and wired lan adapters. Moblin's boot process and graphics subsystem have also been tweaked, and it started up about two seconds faster than my previous install.

There are still a few apps missing that other similar distributions include by default, like Skype or an instant messaging client like Pidgin. It's still Linux, though, so you can always add packages on your own - Skype for MIDs is available to download from the official developer site.

Those of you curious enough to try it out can download an ISO image or the ready-to-run VMWare machine. A number of the updates in alpha 2 came as a response to customer input, so get involved if you install it and submit your bugs and suggestions!

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