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Safari hacked in a flash at Pwn2Own 2009, Firefox and IE8 follow

Security pro Charlie Miller came in to Pwn2Own 2009 with a plan, and things unfolded exactly the way he wanted them to. Within seconds of the competition's start, he had already gained control over the fully-patched MacBook running Apple's Safari web browser.

"It took a couple of seconds. They clicked on the link and I took control of the machine," said Miller. It's safe to say that when Apple proclaimed Safari "the fastest browser on the planet," that they weren't referring to how soon it would fail at the competition.

None of the three browsers on display made it out unscathed: a competitor known only as Nils was the next to overcome Safari, and he later took down Firefox and Internet Explorer 8. It's an important reminder to all of us that - regardless of what browser we're using - someone out there is hard at working looking for an exploit that could put us at risk, too.
[via ZDnet]

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