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Tonido does cloudless private file sharing, collaboration, and more

Not everyone wants to work in the cloud, but keeping a group connected by other means can be a little tricky. Tonido's cross-platform desktop suite makes the process about as easy as it can get.

Tonido installs as a server app on your primary computer (Linux, Mac, and Windows downloads are available). Once configured, users simply connect to the machine with their web browser by browing to http://host:10001. You can, of course, customize the port number - Tonido makes that easy as well, with uPNP support to take care of router re-configuration. Access can be limited to local IPs only or opened up for WAN access and you can select how much bandwidth.

The suite include four main components: workspace, file sharing, photo gallery, and jukebox. As I've been experimenting with the beta I've been taking screenshots - which you can view in the gallery.

The suite offers a wide range of useful features and is fully extensible. Key out-of-the-box features include:
  • basic text messaging and notes
  • calendar and task list
  • contact management
  • support for multiple groups and workspaces
  • file sharing with per-user access control
  • detailed usage reports and history
  • streaming audio via the jukebox
  • play jukebox playlists in an external application
  • rich photo gallery with slideshow feature, commenting, rating, and tagging support
  • ability to install new apps (once available) from the Tonido plugins screen
Plugin support means new features should be easy to add - I'd like to see something along the lines of an Tonido Webshare-to-Amazon S3 sync option to bridge the local/cloud gap. I don't have complete confidence in my ISP's connection, and I'd hate for my team to lose access to an important file at the wrong time.

Tonido already looks to be an excellent option for SOHO users and web workers. Tonido is beautifully simple to get up and running, and the CodeLathe blog has several informative posts that will help you get started.

If you didn't make the jump before, here's the gallery:

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