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Eight great Userscripts for Twitter users

Not using a desktop Twitter client? Maybe you're quite happy to use the Twitter site to post updates and monitor those you follow. Just because you do doesn't mean you don't have access to more powerful interface options than the bare minimum Twitter provides.

Grab some Userscripts, and use your browser give your Twiter / Home some handy new features! I've gathered eight of my favorites - feel free to share yours in the comments!

Troy's Twitter Script
- provides several additional functions, like short URL expansion, inline media viewing, and nested replies. Also adds a search box (for those of us who can't use the real deal just yet), retweet link, and an @mentions link to see who's been talking about you.

Twitter Friends Name Helper - adds a handy autocomplete ability to the update box. Start typing a friend's name (no @ sign required) and a dropdown appears from which you can choose a name. If only one match is found, Name Helper will instantly insert it.

Twitter Saviour
- blocks tweets that contain text you don't want to see. Use it to filter (gasp!) inappropriate cursing or annoying fluff you can do without, like comments about the Jonas Bothers (typo?).

There's also Hashtag Ignore, which you can use to block specific tags. Would be more useful if more people used hashtags.

Display Popular Trends
- adds a handy list of the current top ten keywords and hashtags to the Twitter sidebar.

Twitter URL Shortener
- some URLS push your update input beyond 140 characters, at which point Twitter won't let you submit. This script takes care of things by automatically squeezing any URL in the box.

Universal Post Bar
/ AddThis Anywhere - These both provide the same function, adding a small, clickable social sharing menu to every page you visit. Click to open the menu, then click where you want to send it - Twitter, for example. My only gripe was with their lack of URL-shortening kung fu, but the previous script takes care of that anyway.

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