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Pantscast: a better breed of iPhone fart app

Much has been made of the amazing number of fart noise apps in the iTunes App Store. Sure, they can be amusing, but if you've heard one iPhone fart, you've heard them all. Or have you? Pantscast is a much more refined fart machine that injects flatulent sound effects into any podcast you choose, automatically timed for maximum hilarity.

Pantscast comes preloaded with some podcasts that could use a good farting-up, like NPR's Fresh Air (pun probably intended) and a Yoga Meditation podcast. It's a great sample of the humor Pantscast is capable of, but the best part is the ability to Pantscast any podcast by entering its URL. My only complaint is that, due to the lack of cut and paste, it's kind of tedious to manually put in longer addresses, and Pantscast can't access the podcasts on your iPhone or directly through the iTunes store. If these iPhone limitations can someday be overcome, we may truly achieve fart app enlightenment.

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