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Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile App store details

Windows Marketplace for MobileMicrosoft plans to launch an App Store that lets Windows Mobile users find, purchase, and download programs directly from the phones. It'll work much like the iPhone App Store and the upcoming BlackBerry App World.

Today Microsoft revealed that developers will have to pay $99 per year to list their items in the store, plus another $99 for each program listed in the Windows Marketplace store. Developers can save some money by submitting up to five apps before the end of the year.

Microsoft will take a 30% cut on the sales of any paid applications. That's the same fee that Apple charges, although Research in Motion keeps just 20%.

The Marketplace is scheduled to go live later this year. In the meantime, you can still download and install thousands of Windows Mobile apps from third party stores like PocketGear, Handango and MobiHand. Pocketgear even has an App Store for Windows Mobile that runs from your device, much like the upcoming Microsoft store.

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