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Manage fantasy sports teams from your iPhone with Y!Fan

I might be the only writer at Download Squad who's excited about this, but baseball season is just around the corner. That means fantasy baseball leagues are drafting now. Like a lot of sports dorks, my fantasy site of choice is Yahoo. Although they've improved their web interface over the years -- by adding drag-and-drop roster editing, for example -- it's still not fun trying to manage your team from an iPhone. That's where a third-party app called Y!Fan comes in.

Y!Fan isn't pretty, but it (mostly) gets the job done. Although it's baseball season now, Y!Fan lets you manage your roster in other Yahoo sports, too. It doesn't support trades or add-drops yet, which is a big limitation, but it can save you some points if you're away from your computer and you need to put a pitcher in at the last minute. You can also use it to check player stats, and the all-important league standings. It's not perfect, but so far it's the only one out there.

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