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Tweetie 1.3 rejected from App Store because of swearing on Twitter

Many iPhone developers have horror stories about their apps being rejected from the iTunes App Store for frustrating, sometimes arbitrary reasons. After today, Atebits, makers of the bestselling iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie, might take the prize for the most absurd rejection yet. Tweetie 1.3 was barred from the App Store for offensive language. Seems fair enough, until you realize that the swear in question wasn't part of the app, it was just a hashtag that happened to be trending on Twitter and got picked up by Tweetie's trends feature.

Most of the competing iPhone Twitter apps also have trends, and would have been just as "offensive" if they had run into the bad luck of being tested while something Apple didn't like was popular. The Atebits Twitter account has been equal parts frustrated and practical in commenting on the rejection. I think the idea of sending screenshots of trends in other Twitter apps to Apple, hashtag cussing included, is brilliant.

Update: Tweetie 1.3 has now been accepted into the app store, and the developers don't seem to have any hard feelings toward Apple. I hope this case highlights the need to continue improving the app store submission process.

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