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Knoppix 6.0 Linux LiveCD replaces KDE with LXDE

Knoppix 6.0
Knoppix is a Linux distribution that's been popular for years among folks looking for a full featured operating system that can be booted from a LiveCD (meaning you can run the operating system without installing it to your hard drive - you just can't save any changes). You can also install Knoppix to your hard drive, but it's strength has always lied in the speed with which it boots and runs from an optical disc drive or USB flash drive.

Lat month Knoppix 6.0 was released, and it's even faster and prettier than earlier versions. But it's still designed to run well on older and slower computers. Among the changes in version 6.0 is the switch from the KDE desktop environment to the LXDE graphical environment. LXDE is light weight and loads quickly, but it's capable of offering all sorts of visual candy including Compiz desktop effects.

Knoppix 6.0 also boots twice as fast as Knoppix 5, and comes with fewer applications preloaded, which helps keep the size down. While the main disk image weighs in at 645MB, it can be remastered to use 256MB or less.

You can also now save your settings after shutting down the system by creatng a persisent boot image.

[via Linux Magazine]

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