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Tweetpkr: peek in on your Twitter friends from any site

Everyone's Twitter habits are different. Some people check the site once a day via the web, some people check it every 3 minutes using a Twitter client. If neither of those appeal to you, because you'd rather not have a separate app or even a separate tab open to view your friends' recent updates,Tweetpkr might be for you. It's a browser bookmarklet that loads your Twitter list in a sidebar on the page you currently have open.

The ability to check Twitter with one click, without changing focus, is more useful than it sounds at first. Each time you close and reopen Tweetpkr, it refreshes your list. That means no more jumping between tabs and hitting refresh, or winding up with a half-dozen Twitter tabs open. Privacy-conscious twitterers will also appreciate that Tweetpkr stores your username and password locally with the bookmarklet, not on its server. Oh, and multiple accounts are supported: just make a separate bookmarklet for each one.

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