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Linux screenshot app GScrot reborn as Shutter

With my triple-boot setup finally somewhat set in stone (or very firm clay, at any rate) I've finally been able to start installing Linux apps that I need to use it as an everyday operating system. Due in no small part to my duties here at DS, the first item on my list was a good screenshot application.

Serendipitously, we just received a tip that GScrot (which should have appeared on my list of badly-named applications) has been re-launched with new features and a less anatomical-sounding name: Shutter.

Shutter supports a good array of features including basic editing and annotation and it's extensible through the use of plugins, a number of which come pre-installed to add effects to your images. There's also a censor tool to quickly obscure private information like email addresses from your images. Captures can be full screen, windows, regions, and full web pages, and can be directly saved in multiple format or uploaded to a number of image hosts with minimal fuss.

Thanks, Vadim!

Tags: linux, opensource, screen-capture, screenshot