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Adobe Acrobat bug more dangerous than originally thought

The Adobe Acrobat vulnerability that was reported here back on February 20th remains unpatched, and it now appears that the risk the bug presents is even greater than originally thought.

Because of the way Adobe integrates into Windows explorer - to provide metadata information about PDF files - there is a chance that your system could become infected without ever opening a single file. Since the bug's code can be placed within a file's metadata, any action that calls that data could set things in motion. That includes something as simple as hovering your mouse over the file icon, according to Obsessable's Stephen Schenck.

In the original post, I suggested using an alternative application to read files, but that won't fully address the vulnerability. To be completely safe, you'll have to remove Adobe Reader (and presumably, Acrobat as well) from your system for the time being and reinstall it once Adobe has developed a patch.

[ via Obsessable ]

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