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Amazon's Kindle for iPhone: First Look

Amazon is going to be selling a heck of a lot more Kindle books very, very soon. With the launch of the Kindle app for iPhone, the online bookseller just opened up their entire Kindle library to folks who already own one expensive mobile device -- the iPhone -- and aren't willing to shell out for another -- Amazon's own Kindle.

The kicker is that Kindle for iPhone works like a charm. I tested out buying some books from MobileSafari and then from my Mac, and it was a seamless experience. With a single click, your book is sent via Amazon's WhisperSync to your iPhone or iPod Touch, ready to be opened the next time you use the Kindle app.

So, how's the reading experience on the iPhone screen? It's obviously much smaller than the Kindle's display, but reading is easy. Turning pages on the touchscreen interface is a breeze, and you can resize the text to suit your needs. Navigating between books and within books is intuitive, too. Tap on a page to bring up menu items and navigation, including the ability to bookmark your current page. Kindle will also pick up where you left off if you accidentally close the app while you're reading.

Overall, Kindle for iPhone is everything it needs to be to satisfy picky iPhone users who were reluctant to buy the Kindle device because of its steep pricetag and notorious form-factor. This way, everyone wins: iPhone and iPod Touch users get books on the go, Apple gets another selling point for its already-hot mobile device, and Amazon gets the profits.

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