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Convert PDF and HTML to .mobi to read on your Kindle

So you're in love with your Kindle, but you wish you had a way to view PDF or HTML files on it? A quick run through Auto Kindle, and they're painlessly converted to the reader's native .mobi format.

I haven't posted a screenshot of the app, because there's really not a lot to see. When you launch Auto Kindle, you'll be immediately asked to browse for a source file. Once you've done that, a prompt asks you to specify the location to save your newly converted file. A progress indicator appears, fills, then disappears, and your conversion is done.

Create a shortcut to the program on your desktop, and you can convert by dragging-and-dropping files onto it. Auto Kindle does a very good job of converting files, though you may notice a quirk or two.

Sure, there are online services that do this as well, and Amazon provides email conversions, but maybe you'd rather take care of things from the privacy of your own desktop.

Auto Kindle is a free download for Windows only.

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