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Xandros Presto promises yet another instant-on Linux experience

Xandros isn't a new name in netbook oeprating systems. After all, it was their OS that first appeared on Asus' category-defining EeePC. What next? Why, instant-on, of course! Called Presto, the new OS will be joining other options like JoliCloud, Moblin, gOS Cloud, and Phoenix Hyperspace.

As is the case with competing products, the goal is to provide a fast-booting desktop experience that includes must-have applications like Firefox, Skype, and a media player. In addition to that core functionality, Presto will also include full access to files on Windows partitions. Xandros is also preparing an app store that will allow users some freedom to expand their instant-on capabilities.

It remains to be seen whether there's an appreciable market for Linux installed in tandem with Windows XP. Most users might just be willing to wait the extra 20 or 30 seconds required to boot their full (and more familiar) Windows desktop.

Presto will cost about $20 after its scheduled release this April, but until then the beta version is a free download. You can get it from the Presto site (as soon as it stops returning 500 errors).

[ via Webware ]

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