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Wobzip extracts archive files before you download

Upon first reading about Wobzip, I wasn't convinced about the usefulness of a web-based tool to decompress archive files. With my back-breakingly slow 30k/s upload cap, anything over a few megs would be brutal to even submit for processing. In that case, a desktop app like 7zip or Winrar makes infinitely more sense.

What I did find handy about the service is its ability to extract files from a URL. Anyone that has to download driver files from a hardware manufacturer can benefit from this: instead of needing to download a 200mb file just for one or two megs of files for your OS, fire the URL into Wobzip and download only what you need. As an added bonus, Wobzip also scans the extracted files for viruses.

Success with unzipping from a URL produced mixed results: http worked every time, but ftp was hit-or-miss. A number of sites that I'd like to be able to use Wobzip on only provide ftp downloads, so I'd like to see that addressed.

Shortcomings aside, Wobzip is a handy site to add to your bookmarks - even if you're only going to use it once in a blue moon.

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