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Userscripts add real-time Twitter results to your Google search

One of the knocks against Google is is the fact that is doesn't currently provide real-time results - which is why some media outlets were calling Twitter a possible threat to Google last month. I'm pretty confident Google will be around for a while, but I do like the idea of consolidating the two engines I utilize most.

Movable Type consultant Mark Carey has put together a handy userscript that displays the 5 most recent tweets matching your Google query. It also adds a link to the Twitter search results in case you want to dig a bit deeper. [ download from ]

Or you could install a second userscript that adds fulls results to a tab on the Google results page:
Developed by Franz Enzenhofer, this script adds a simple Twitter link next to Web that displays results with the Twitter user's avatar on their own page. This one's also CC licensed so you can hack it up anyway you see fit. [ download from the author ]

[ via ReadWriteWeb ]