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Facebook adopts new principles, asks for user feedback

After a move to draconian terms of service that included taking ownership of practically all user content, Facebook caught such a big backlash from users that it had to roll back to the old terms. Now Mark Zuckerberg has posted on the Facebook blog with some info about how Facebook will handle its terms of use going forward. The plan is to proceed according to some new "principles" and solicit user feedback about changes.

So, what are these principles?

Well, in spite of the misstep toward owning user data, one of Facebook's new principles is that users own their own content. The others are equality (same terms for every user), free flow of information, freedom to share, no more arbitrary removal of accounts, and transparency about future plans and changes.

Comments are open now on these proposed principles, and on the corresponding new "rights and responsibiities" document.

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