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Portable Little Registry Cleaner tidies up Windows registry clutter

Like the dark corners of your C: drive, your Windows registry can accumulate quite a bit of clutter. Little Registry Cleaner is on the job, ready to locate registry refuse and dispose of it.

The application weighs in at just over 1mb and is fully portable - just extract the exe file's contents to a folder using an application like 7zip. Start it up, click the scan button, and LRC will locate registry entries that can be removed without harming your system.

Since CCleaner is my current cleanup app of choice, I ran it side-by-side. While CCleaner's scan was faster, LRC located 32 more items. After fixing problems, LRC automatically re-scanned and found 6 remaining issues (all missing icons) it couldn't fix. CCleaner didn't have any luck removing them either.

Little Registry Cleaner also includes a startup manager and contains a good set of options for less experienced users. By default, it automatically creates system restore points, checks for updates, and has a built-in registry restore funciton. I would like to see an option to disable the scanning results pop-up window - the important information is already presented in the main window.

It's a free download and runs on both 32 and 64-bit Windows, and is a nice registry cleanup option for more inexperienced users.

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