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AOL Tech launches a web-based word processor Web Documents
Online storage provider has launched a new service called Web Documents that's something of a cross between a word processor and a simple HTML editor. Like Google Docs, Zoho Office, and other online word processors, Web Documents lets you quickly and easily create text and image-based documents from any web browser. You can share the docs with others by sending a link, or you can invite other users to edit the document.

Web Documents has the basic features you'd expect from a word processor including simple formatting tools and a spell checker. You can insert images from your computer or the web, tablets, and you can even embed YouTube videos.

What Web Documents doesn't have is the ability to export documents as Word or OpenOffice files, which makes it intrinsically less useful than other web based Office apps. Fortunately, also offers Zoho Office integration -- which makes me wonder what the point of Web Documents is in the first place.

[via Life Rocks 2.0]

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