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F.lux adapts your display to the time of day

Let's face it: some of us don't get outside as much as we should. When you're working or playing in front of your computer all day, you don't always notice little things like a sunset. An ingenious little app called F.lux lets your monitor adjust to ambient lighting conditions around you, even when you're glued to the keyboard. It adjusts your display settings based on location and your current lighting setup, complementing the lighting inside your room or cube.

As time passes, F.lux checks the status of the sun in your zip code or latitude, and adjusts your display's color temperature accordingly. As a writer, I love the extra bit of environmental awareness it offers. As a designer, I would probably be utterly annoyed by shifting display settings. Good thing there's a handy "turn off for one hour" feature you can use to switch back to your regular whitepoint while you're working with color.

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