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Microsoft anticipating April 10 for Windows 7 release candidate

After several bloggers (including yours truly) reported on a news item from Softpedia about Windows 7 build 7048 1) being an actual build and 2) being labeled a release candidate, Microsoft's own Steven Sinofsky has set the record straight.

First, the current build is actually 7046 as stated in an email conversation between Sinofsky and Geeksmack. Second, as noted by one of our commenters, every build now is technically an RC since they are post-beta - since the Release Candidate is the next milestone.

Second, a date has apparently been chosen for the actual deployment of Windows 7 RC1. As long as development continues to progress the way it has, we'll see its release on April 10, 2009.

There's been understandable concern from some that Microsoft may be cutting corners in an attempt to get Windows 7 on the market as soon as possible. Let's hope that's not the case, and that the next six weeks provide the team enough time to improve upon an already good product.

[ via NeoWin ]

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