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SHUURL provides a safer way to share short URLs

After the whole clickjacking nightmare on Twitter, some of you might be looking for a better way to shorten (truncate) URLs. One good solution is provided by Shuurl.

You can Shuurl at work in the screenshot above. Not only are users provided with a thumbailed image of the destination page, they're also tagged with Web of Trust-style safety icons. The coding is the same as atraffic signal: green means go, yellow means proceed with caution, and red means stop before you get into trouble.

The thumbnails are small enough to be inobtrusive - which coworkers will welcome if you happen to be sharing content that's a bit on the NSFW side of things.

Shuurl is still fairly new, so some additional features I'd like to see aren't there yet - like a bookmarklet and API access for developers.

If you want to simplify the process, a quick right click of the "shorten" text box and you can add a search keyword for it in your favorite browser for quick truncations.

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