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Hulu pulls video from
Last month relaunched its web site as a video portal with full length streaming episodes of TV shows, social features, and IMDB-like info about TV show casts, episodes info, and other information. is owned by CBS, so obviously CBS content was available, but the bulk of the full length episodes were provided by Hulu -- until today.

It appears Hulu has removed its content from And it looks like the move happened on short notice, because when you go to the page for a show that was provided by Hulu, there are still links to play the episodes. You just wind up staring at an unpleasant "Video unavailable" message once you click the link.

It's possible that CBS is planning to broker its own deals with the studios in order to increase the amount of ad revenue it receives (instead of splitting it with Hulu). But that wouldn't explain the whole Video unavailable fiasco.

Update: Hulu has released a brief statement that doesn't really say anything. But Hulu is also asking Boxee to remove its video content due to a request from Hulu's content partners.

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