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Boxee to remove Hulu content

Hot on the heels of, cross-platform media application Boxee will be removing all video content from Hulu Friday. Apparently Hulu's content partners are becoming less than pleased with the way third party web sites and applications are using Hulu content. Which honestly makes just about zero sense.

What sets Hulu videos apart from the TV episodes you can download for free from BitTorrent trackers is that Hulu includes ads and requires you to be sitting in front of a computer with an active internet connection in order to watch. In other words, Hulu and the studios that own the rights to the videos you're watching are able to make money off of the videos you watch. And that's true whether you're watching videos at,, or using a third party application like Boxee.

Apparently the folks at Hulu aren't particularly pleased with the situation either. In a blog post, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar says the company is only asking Boxee to remove content because of requests from content owners.

There are still a few other third party apps that still provide access to videos from Hulu. But it's anyone's guess how long they'll be around.

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