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Update Twitter from any browser with a bookmarklet

Your favorite desktop browser probably already has loads of addons that can update Twitter, but if you're using Google Chrome or browsing on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then what?

Add Twitlet bookmarklet, and you've got a handy way to send updates from anywhere. To get started, head over to the Twitlet site and click the create button - you'll then be asked to provide your Twitter credentials. Drag the generated link to your bookmarks toolbar, and you're finished.

Just click the button (or the link in your iPod/iPhone favorites menu) and a pop-up window appears with single blank for your status update. If you want to include the URL you're currently viewing, just add #this or #link to your update, and Twitlet automatically generates a truncated URL via

It's a nice option for users that either don't want to use a full-blown addon or can't because of their browser.

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