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Stardock Fences adds KDE 4 style desktop organization to Windows

Many of you have probably eschewed the practice of placing files and shortcuts on your Windows desktop. There are definitely more efficient options - Launchy or FARR, for example. If you still prefer having a well-stocked desktop, Stardock's Fences is a nice organizational tool you should try.

Fences add KDE4-style containers to your desktop into which you can drop shortcuts and files. As you would expect from a Stardock app, the aesthetics of Fences are nice out of the box and can be highly customized.

On first launch, you can choose to let Fences attempt to automatically corral your icons or go straight to work manually settings things up. The no-fuss option worked well on my desktop, grouping files, folders, and shortcuts in their own containers.

Once you have things sorted out to your liking, you can take a snapshot of your setup to easily switch between configurations. You can also lock your fences to prevent organizational mishaps. For a clear look at your desktop, a double click will hide everything - unless you have a container excluded from hiding.

Fences is currently free until August as a preview, and runs on both 32 and 64-bit Windows.

To see some more screens, view the gallery after the break!

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