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What are your updating habits?

I use Firefox for work. I interface with Blogsmith, our CMS, using Firefox. I use my primary email in Firefox. I eschew multiple plugins and add-ons because I want to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the "main window" to my work world. Today I see that there's a 3.0.6 update -- but I'm not updating yet.

Why? Because I don't trust it. Until I poke around and see that my (few) additions to the browser work, and that something serious didn't crop up, I'm not sold. And why is that? Let's just paraphrase: "burned a thousand times, now shy." This is true of OS updates, sadly. My primary work machine is a Mac, and there have been times when Apple has pushed updates that make things worse. Just recently I updated Safari, and now rendering is much slower than before. I have no idea why, nor will I ever, because by the next time I update, it might be fixed. Or it might get worse.

The question of web apps updating themselves automatically is another debate (which we'll get to soon enough). But my question is: how often do YOU update? Every point update? Do you investigate the update first, or do you just click and do it? Plus, are you less skeptical of paid updates to software? And is there an app that you've let sit, un-updated, for years because you happen to dislike the current features or interface? Sound off in the comments.

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