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Red Alert! Google warning errors persist in Gmail

While the more glaring problem of flagging the entire internet as untrustworthy was quickly resolved yesterday, it appears as though the Google bug hasn't been completely crushed underfoot.

I was originally tipped off by our own Christina Clark, who advised our team to check the spam folder for incorrectly flagged messages. Lo and behold, several tips from our loyal readers had been erroneously shuffled in amongst the Viagra ads and messages from hot girls who want to chat with me now.

Not content with crying wolf over reader emails, the Gmail error has spread to our own internal distribution list: even though every contact in the message appears in my address book. This has been going on since yesterday, so it's either not as widespread as the search issue or just not as important. I'd wager the answer is a combination of the two. Google would likely prioritize a few million falsely blackballed search results over a few hundred thousand email messages.

Clarification: the issue does not just cause messages to go into your spam folder. As in the screenshot, it also incorrectly flags some incoming messages as potentially dangerous.

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