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Error message cake: Or why human proofreaders are still needed

Error message cake
I lived in New Jersey for a few years, and the best thing about living in Jersey (OK, it might have been the only good thing besides cheap gas), was that I lived near a Wegman's supermarket. The store offers a huge selection of items and has an excellent bakery. But here's something I didn't know about Wegman's until this week. Apparently you can order a cake with a custom message by sending an email with that message.

And that's just what one woman did recently. Unfortunately the message was written in English and Italian and the computer that prints the messages on the cake didn't know how to interpret Italian. So it spit out some weird code -- which wound up on the cake instead.

This is an excellent example of a combination of computer error and human error. Sure, the machine failed to do what the Wegman's staff expected. But you would have thought someone would have noticed the error before showing the cake to the customer.

On the other hand, I could totally see some folks asking for a cake like this for their geekier friends.

[via Neatorama and Boing Boing]

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