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Google Chrome adds support for Hotmail

Hotmail and Google Chrome
The Google Chrome web browser is built on the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari, so in theory any web site you can access with Safari should play nice with Chrome. But for some reason users have been complaining that Google Chrome and Microsoft Hotmail (or Windows Live Mail) are like oil and water.

Some users reported that Hotmail caused Chrome to crash, while I was able to open Hotmail with a recent build of Chrome. I just couldn't actually read any messages or switch folders.

Now there's a new version of Chrome that works just fine with Hotmail. No, Google didn't dramatically rewrite the browser's code. No, all they did was add some user agent spoofing so that when you visit Hotmail with Chrome, the browser will identify itself as Safari.

You can download the latest build of Chrome from Google, or you can update an existing installation by clicking the "About" button in your settings and checking the "Update Now" box if Chrome reports that a new version is available.

[via LiveSide]

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