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Access Windows 7, Vista exFAT partitions in XP

Since a lot of you weren't (and still aren't) too excited about Windows Vista, you might not have noticed the exFAT file system before.

It's the heir apparent to FAT32, and it can finally cope with large files and drives. What's new? For starters, exFAT has been tweaked to provide faster access and allocation, adds support for UTC time stamps, and provides increased compatability with flash media.

Gone are the 32gb drive and 4gb file size limitations. The only problem is that exFAT isn't native to Windows XP - which the vast majority of you are probably still running.

Problem solved. Microsoft has released KB955704 to address the issue. Download it from their site and install it, and you'll be able to seamlessly work with exFAT partitions in XP.

[ via gHacks ]

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