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Fresh install of XP, now what?

I had the mothership send me a Dell Latitude so I can finally quit angering Parallels on my Mac (which is down to about 2GB of HD space anyway), and it's about as clean an install as any "corporate" computer will get. For example, since our parent company is publicly traded, the rules insist AV software be included. I'm running GuardianEdge for disk encryption (so those Yahoos don't steal my sekrits), McAfee for AV, PowerDVD and Office 2003. The machine came pre-installed with the latest AOL client (naturally -- and it's really quite useful if you work here) but also with Firefox, which is nice. I had to manually install Flash, which shows how stripped-down the machine is.

So now I'm staring at a pretty clean machine, all things considered. What are the top 3 things you readers would suggest I install next?

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