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Media Keyboard adds multimedia keyboard support to VLC, Winamp Classic

Media Keyboard 2
Over the last few years a number of computer makers have put out keyboards with special multimedia buttons that let you pause, play, stop, or skip when playing music or videos. And that's fine if you want to use the keyboard to control Windows Media Player. But if you have another Media Player like VLC, Xion, XMPlay, 1by1, or old school apps like Winamp Classic, you're generally out of luck.

Media Keyboard 2 is a free Windows utility that adds support for all of those media players, plus a few more. Just install Media Keyboard and run it and you should be able to control each media player using your multimedia keys. You can register the app to start with Windows if you expect to use this feature a lot.

Make sure not to change the hotkeys for the media player or your multimedia keys may stop working. Of course, if you're using a media player like VLC that supports hotkeys, you may not find much need for the mutlimedia keys in the first place.

[via gHacks

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