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SuggestRSS knows which blogs you should be reading

There's so much good content on the web that even RSS power-users can feel like they're missing something. If you're looking for something fresh to read, you might want to give SuggestRSS a try. It analyzes your feeds and makes recommendations based on data from the hundreds of other people in its database, along with an estimate of the chance that you'll like each suggestion.

SuggestRSS uses a tool that you may or may not be familiar with, the OPML file. Serious RSS fiends know that OPML is a list of RSS feeds you subscribe to. You can export an OPML file from most RSS readers, and that's what SuggestRSS looks at to make recommendations. That way it's not tied to any particular reader. As for the results, they're reasonably useful. In my test, I got a good mix of blogs I already knew about and some I'd never heard of.

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