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Lavasoft releases 10th anniversary edition of AdAware

It's hard to believe that Lavasoft first released AdAware 10 years ago, but it's true. To celebrate the occasion, they've released an Anniversary Edition of the pioneering anti-malware application.

Apart from the obvious update to the UI, several under-the-hood performance tweaks have been implemented. The scanner now uses less than 20% CPU and can process almost 40MB/s. Memory consumption has been reduced more than 70% over the 2008 edition. Rootkit removal has also been added, and integration with Windows Security Center has been improved.

All three licenses are available for the Anniversary edition (free, plus, and pro). As always, AdAware is for Windows systems only.

If you need help finding the actual free download link as opposed to the TrialPay one, clicking here will send you to the correct page. It's also mirrored on FreewareFiles.

[ via Life ROcks 2.0 ]

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