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Keep vehicle traffic flowing (or not) in Crash - Time Waster

When I was working in downtown Cleveland 12 years ago, I remember this amazing traffic cop that used to dance in the middle of the rush hour craziness to direct the vehicles. The guy sure made traffic management seem like a lot of fun.

Fortunately for all of us, anyone that wants to give it a go can do it by playing Crash rather than throwing on a bright orange vest, grabbing a whistle, and busting a move in the middle of a four-way stop.

It's a simple concept: click on a car to speed it up, click again to slow it down. Time everything just right and avoid causing collisions, and you'll score points when cars make it safely across the screen.

When a crash car appears, things change a little. They're free game, so don't hesitate forcing another vehicle to plow into it at full speed. You'll actually lose points if they make it across unscathed.

One more thing: keep your eye on the turns signals.

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