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Find freeware versions of commercial apps with Last Freeware Version

Last Freeware Version
Some of the best commercial Windows utilities, like FastStone Capture, or Reaper started out as freeware. If you want the latest versions of these programs with all the new features, bug fixes, and other updates you'll have to pull out your wallet. But if you're OK with using an older version or just want to try the program for a while before deciding whether to pay for the most recent update, you can often install the last freeware version.

There's even a web site dedicated to finding the last version of apps that you don't need to pay for. It's cleverly called Last Freeware Version. The site features brief descriptions of each application, a link to the product homepage so you can buy the full version or download a free trial if available, and a download link for the last freeware version of each app.

The user interface isn't that pretty, and there's no search feature. But you can always use Google to search for specific apps by restricting your search to

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