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Higher res video chat, larger file attachments coming to Gmail

Gmail attachmentsGoogle may be busy shuttering services like Google Notebook and Google Video, but Gmail isn't going anywhere. In fact, CNet caught up with Gmail Product Manager Todd Jackson and found out that the Gmail team has a couple of new things planned for the company's web mail offering.

First up, Google is reportedly working on a way to allow users to send files that are larger than 20MB. It's not clear at the moment whether this means you'll be able to attach 30MB or 50MB files directly to an email or if Google is going to allocate some of its massive storage space to file hosting allowing users to send download links for files a la YouSendIt.

The company is also planning to to allow higher resolution, 640 x 480 pixel video chat in Gmail. And a better contact manager is on its way which will make it easier to detect and remove duplicate entries.

Finally, Google plans to offer additional themes for Gmail, including themes designed by users.

Of course, there's no information on when we can expect any of these changes. But at least we know that Google won't be closing its ad-supported email service anytime soon.

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