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Three classic shooters, C64 style - Time Waster

I loved my Commodore 64 - I even talked my parents into letting me get one of the "mod" cases for it so would look like the newer (and more bad-ass) C128. There were three big Time Wasters for me back then: Zaxxon, 1943, and Gyruss.

Zaxxon's crazy pseudo-3d (also referred to as axonometric projection) blew me away. Like Icarus and his wax wings, flying too high or too low caused many untimely ends to my ship.

Gyruss, with its frantic pace and awesome electronic version of Toccata and Fugue in D minor kept me coming back for more. If you don't know the game, it's a tube-style shooter: move your ship in a circular pattern around the bad guys and blast them to space dust. 2 warps to Neptune, baby.

For days when I wasn't feling quite so futuristic, there was 1943. It's addictive, low-fi air-to-air combat at it's best.

Want to rekindle some old memories? Head over to, where you can play all three (and tons of others). We've mentioned the site before on DLS, but its vintage goodness is hard to overstate.

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