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Search Twitter with Windows 7's federated search

It wasn't that long ago that you had a chance to look at a gallery of seven different Windows 7 federated search connectors at work. At the time, I'd found .osdx files for sites like Flickr, YouTube, and DeviantArt.

As more people play with the beta, we're bound to see more. For example, a Twitter connector.

Getting the connector installed is a snap. Leave the username blank if you want to search all tweets, or target a single user if you like. You can install multiple instances - they'll appear under your favorite as (username) Tweets. Specify the maximum number of results you want delivered, click download, and install the .osdx.

Twitter search is now available right from the favorites section of your Explorer window!

As with the other connectors, the preview pane loads the full Twitter web page and is a bit cramped on smaller screens. If you've got a nice high-resolution widescreen though, it works well.

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