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Fried Babelfish takes Google Translate out of your browser

Fried Babelfish
Fried Babelfish is a desktop application for Windows that lets you translate text from one language into another. Despite its name, the program is powered by Google Translate, not Babelfish (an older version used the Babelfish web translation service).

You need an internet connection to use Fried Babelfish, but you do not need a web browser. This makes it easy to translate text in one window while typing in another without having to flip back and forth beween browser tabs or windows. It can come in handy if you're instant messaging someone who speaks a different language or if you just need to translate a few words on a web page you're reading.

Fried Babelfish was created as one of 35 freeware applications as part of the Donation Coder New Apps for the New Year challenge.

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